Chemical Flooding Technologies


Chad Roller, Ph.D.


Chad's previous roles include EOR Petroleum Engineer, Advisor to the Chief Petroleum Engineer, Business Planner, and Deepwater Reservoir Engineer at Royal Dutch Shell. Prior to Shell, he served as VP of Research for Ekips Technologies, a venture capital backed biomedical firm. Dr. Roller received his Ph.D. from Rice University and a M.S. from the University of Oklahoma.

Dan Phelps, Ph. D.

Senior Chemist and Lab Manager

Dan manages the laboratory for Interwell testing services and technology.  He received BS and PhD degrees in chemistry with experience leading analytical chemistry labs in Battelle, Amoco, BP, and Core Labs.  He has also worked as a Senior Scientist in the area of process development at Cameron International

Directors: Charles R. "Randy" Olmstead,  Jeffrey R. Olmstead, and S. Craig George.